Frank Vincent Resolves Defamation Claim


Former Radio 2CA breakfast host Frank Vincent has recently resolved a defamation claim brought against the Canberra Times newspaper with an out of court settlement on terms agreed by both parties.
Following the resolution of the matter, Mr Vincent said: 'Hats off, respect to all concerned, I'm so glad we've got this matter sorted!'.  Mr Vincent went on to say: 'I look forward to getting back to work and having fun on the airways.  As I always say: "If we're having a good time, the audience is having a good time!"'.
This settlement follows the out of court resolution of an unfair dismissal claim against 2CA earlier in the year.
Prior to his dismissal by 2CA, "Uncle Frank" (as he is known) had a 40-year unblemished record in the media including, lengthy stints in all forms of media and disseminated his offbeat form of broadcasting via more than 30 countries from some of the world's biggest events.

During his career Frank has enjoyed the respect and support of colleagues in Australia and around the world, people such as; Doug Mulray, Wendy Harmer, Barry Sheene, Jessica Rowe, Alison Drower, Andrew Denton, Grace Fitzgibbon and Georgie Gardiner.