Behind the Wheel Relaunches as ‘Torque Radio’

After 11 years on-air Behind the Wheel gets a rebrand.

Behind the Wheel founder Joel Helmes has confirmed his long-running automotive radio segments and syndicated content will be rebranded under the ‘Torque Radio’ banner.

And the relaunch sees the daily car, SUV and Ute focussed segments joined by daily segments and a weekly wrap that brings listeners the latest from the road transport industry.

The relaunch sees Torque Radio bring to market a total of three different offerings for Australian radio stations:

* Daily Car and SUV Segments

* Daily Truck and Bus Segments

* Weekly Truck and Bus Segment

All three are offered free of charge to radio stations and include a 30 second embedded national commercial.

For the first time though, Torque Radio will drop the ad for radio stations who would rather pay a small weekly fee to access the content.

Versions of all three are also available to Community Radio Stations via the Air News distribution service.

Joel says it’s been exactly 11 years this month since he originally launched the Behind the Wheel Daily Segments.

“It’s been an amazing journey and of course we’ve branched out and gained a lot of traction online in recent years, but the radio products have always been close to my heart.

“I find it amazing to look back at the changes within our business and the car industry too over the past 11 years and I feel really privileged to talk about cars, utes, SUVs, as well as trucks and buses on the radio every day!”

Check out more details on the different Torque Radio products at