Six Jobs In Six Weeks for Australian Radio School Students


It’s been a massive couple of months for six AUSTRALIAN RADIO SCHOOL students scoring their first full time gigs in radio.

Starting with Nicole Mitchell (pictured) who is now the afternoon announcer and Music Director at hit100.9 in Hobart. (Nicole was from the same 2014 class as Ben and Liam who are hosting Triple J breakfast.)

Mike Herd proved as long as you have the talent and passion, you’re never too old for a career change. Mike is now the afternoon announcer and Copywriter at 2QN Deniliquin.

Speaking of career changes, Karyn Bloxham made a massive one. 18 months ago she was a high flying lawyer in Adelaide. Now she’s in Sydney, Show Producing for ABC breakfast and Drive as well as producing for ABC News 24.

Damon Adams is another student who made the brave move to leave teaching to break into radio. It paid off big time. Incredibly his first full time commercial radio job is in Murray Bridge co-hosting the Power FM breakfast show with Kristel Dally. (Also from Australian Radio School.)

Brad Saegenscnitter (pictured) is moving to Sydney next week to be the new DIGITAL CONTENT PRODUCER for "Ash London Live" on the Hit Network. Brad had a goal and never gave up.

And Bevan Jones has just been announced as the new breakfast announcer at 5RM in the Riverland. Bevan’s another student who has boldly made a career change to follow their dream.

Sean Craig Murphy, Owner of Australian Radio school based in Adelaide, said “It’s still such a buzz when you get a phone call from one of your students excitedly telling you they’ve scored their first job in radio.” He added “The industry has changed so dramatically from when I first started, but it just goes to prove that there are still plenty of exciting opportunities if you’ve got the passion, patience and skills that we teach at”