The History Of Pop

A look at the major chart hits and trends of each year in pop music from 1960 up until 2009.

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Sample script page:


1978 #2


Jamaican reggae singer/songwriter BOB MARLEY had his first commercial hit in Australia in 1978 with Is This Love.  The reggae influence was also felt in the 10CC hit Dreadlock Holiday.


It would be true to say that in more ways than one US singer MEATLOAF was one of the year’s ‘biggest stars’.  His album Bat Out Of Hell made No 1 and stayed on the top 100 for 132 weeks.  It also featured three hit singles the biggest being You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth.   


In 1978 about 50 disco hits made the Australian Top 40 with several making No 1 such as Boney M with Rivers Of Babylon and Rasputin, Village People with Macho Man and Eruption with I Can't Stand The Rain.  


And to compliment your disco collection you just had to have the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.   Six of the songs were from the Bee Gees and all six became hit singles.  They even penned If I Can’t Have You which was a hit for YVONNE ELLIMAN.  The movie starred JOHN TRAVOLTA who did plenty of dancing but his singing skills were left for his role in the year’s other hit musical, Grease.  Saturday Night Fever became the biggest selling soundtrack of all time and here’s the song which featured in the film’s opening credits.


(Stayin’ Alive - Bee Gees)




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The History of Pop