The Quicky With Claire and Ellie

 If you were wondering what happened to former 5MU presenter and newsreader Claire Murphy or Kate Tim and Marty's former producer. Ellie Beattie.. they've been locked away in a podcast studio for the past month with former Channel 10 audio producer Ian Camielleri creating a brand new daily news show - The Quicky!!

Host Claire Murphy says the transition to podcasting has had its challenges.

"A shift from radio to podcasting isn't a giant leap as far as skills go but you do need to switch off from that urgency and relentless need to be first that you do in radio. Now we have the gift of time to get into the good stuff and explore the things that, in the daily churn of news stories, you're supposed to know everything about already."

"The Quicky for me is like being the first kid down to the tree at Christmas, we're unwrapping so many interesting topics and we get to do it every day!"

Executive Producer Ellie Beattie says podcasting has the benefit of numbers.

"Making the leap into the land of podcasts is really exciting. I'm particularly looking forward to having the ability to track our results in real time, and then being able to use those stats to build even better content day after day."

"The Quicky is the perfect blend of everything I loved about radio (daily deadlines, tackling the news cycle in a unique way) as-well as having to master some new skills in the podcast medium."